Work With Me.

Thank you for inquiring about working with Me. In addition to being an Email Marketing Specialist, I’m also a John Carlton trained direct response Copywriter, A marketing strategist, and founder of Essential Email Marketing and CEO of Email Marketing Ninja LLC.

If you found this site, you probably already know I can help your business make a pile of cash. What this site is for, is to tell you how I work, the requirements I have for taking on a new client, and how you can apply to have me take you on as a client.

My Core Beliefs

First: I believe the purpose of marketing & advertising is to sell, not win awards, get applause, or entertain.

I constantly study the secrets of master salesmanship and how it is applied to direct response advertising, so I can best help you and your business drastically increase your profit.

Second: I believe that a single measurement is worth a thousand opinions.

That’s why I often won’t answer with my opinion, and will answer with “you need to test!” And I will recommend you only use proven strategies that have been tested to work time and time again in scientific tests done by myself, my clients, and the most successful direct response entrepreneurs.

Third: I believe in selling with integrity.

The strongest ads tell the truth dramatically. You don’t have to lie, shortchange your customers, tarnish your good name or cut corners. Treat your clients and customers by the Golden Rule and they will reward you with much more gold.

First The Rules…

1. I do NOT give “free” consultations!

My time is my most valuable resource. There is no reason for me to give it away. Plus I have learned the hard way that when the advice is free — the person receiving the advice gives it no value and won’t put it into action. If you have ‘skin in the game’ you’ll pay attention and you will take ACTION!

As the late great Gary Halbert loved to say… “Things happen when you are in motion, not meditation!”

If you want to learn direct marketing for free, there is a list of must-read books on the HypnosisMarketingTips.com site.

I’ve spent over $65,000 on my own marketing education plus over ten years of hands on experience with a variety of businesses that have been my clients. You are paying me so you don’t have to spend all that time to get the same results.

You start with either a 2-hour phone consultation or a full-day in person consultation here in San Francisco. If I decide to take you on as a client, your initial consultation fee is deducted from the project fee.

2. You must be OPEN MINDED to radical marketing concepts way outside the norm of conventional business.

It’s your choice whether you want to succeed wildly and dominate your niche, or be content with average results. If you want to make a pile of cash, you have to willing to apply what I say which will be way outside the box. Do it and you’ll skyrocket your profits.

But I’ll warn you now… you must be ready to endure the scorn of your peers and doubts of your staff and family because what we do won’t look like the boring business card style ads or expensive brand building campaigns they are used to seeing.

What they think doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is does your marketing make you money. That is the standard we will use to measure effectiveness.

3. I do NOT take everyone as a client.

I am busy. I have people coming to me all the time, and I have my own projects I’m working on. Plus I only want to work with people who are serious about exploding their business and are ready to take action.

Just because you have the money doesn’t get you automatically accepted either. I have a way of doing things that does not fit with everyone’s concept of getting things done.

If you are a micromanager, we are not a good fit.

If you feel I should answer the phone anytime of day or night you call, we are not a good fit.

If you send dozens of emails a week and expect me to drop everything and answer them, we are not a good fit.

If you need your project done yesterday, we are definitely not a good fit.

This is not saying your way is wrong or my way is right, it’s accepting the reality that not everyone should work together.

Part of the reason I require a consultation session upfront is to determine if working together is a fit or not. This saves us both headache down the road.

4. You pay me, THEN I work on your project.

I do charity work, but not as part of my business. I currently volunteer with Rocket Dog Rescue and I am a regular benefactor of the Future Leader’s Institute here in the Bay Area.

I am not interested in doing work for a percentage of some mythical payoff down the road. Experience has taught me to run for the door when offered deals like this. I’m only interested in working on projects I know will succeed, and if you don’t have money to pay me up front, you probably don’t have the money to make the project work either.

As my friend Mark Cunningham likes to tell his hypnosis clients “I’m not interested in being your next failure!”

Payment plans can be worked out on request. Minimum 50% up front.

5. I’m the copywriter, not you, not Betty your assistant, and not your Uncle Frank.

Seriously, I’ve had hours of painstaking work undone because a few staff members complained. The crazy thing is, in side by side tests my copy clobbered their efforts by more than 410%, and they still choose not to use it.

Even though I got paid for my work, I’d rather spend those valuable hours of my life working on something that will get used.

And I’ve had clients make a few ‘adjustments’ to the wording that totally killed the response. The words I use are there for a reason.

Listen, I will involve you in the process the entire way by having you help with the research, checking facts, providing proof elements etc. But if you want to re-write all the copy after it’s delivered, then why bother paying me in the first place?

If you are okay with these rules, then next up is

Here’s How To Work With Me…

Fully Guaranteed Initial Consultation & Coaching:

Required for all new potential clients. You can choose one of the following:

Phone Consultation (2 hours) – $495.00

Half-Day In Person Consultation (4 hours) – $950.00

Full-Day In Person Consultation (8 hours) – $1,800.00

This session is recorded and you will receive the full recording within 48 hours of the consultation.

Here’s my personal guarantee for this session… I’ll give you more ideas in this session than you can implement in the next three months. If you don’t think it was worth every penny then you tell me and I’ll give you your check back no questions asked.

Email Copywriting Fees

My rate for email copywriting starts at $1,500 for a package of ten emails. This includes my time to do research on your product or service as well as your business.

Additional emails are $150 each.

Sales Letter Copywriting Fees

If I decide to take you on as a client for a project, the fee you paid for the initial consultation will be applied towards the fee for the full project.

My current minimum rate for any project other than email copywriting is $10,000. This means if you want a sales letter, or a copy for a web page, it’s going to be a minimum of $10,000. If there are other large pieces to the project, the price will be significantly higher. The more you want me to do, the higher my fee.

Rush work is a 20% additional premium.

How To Apply To Work With Me

Do NOT call me. I only answer the phone when it is a scheduled call. The way to apply to work with me is to send a fax asking to schedule an initial consultation.

In addition to your contact information, provide answers to these basic questions about your business…

1. What do you do? (Basically, what does your business do, what problem(s) do you solve, what do you currently sell or what do you want to sell? Please write up for us a short summary of what your business does.)

Where are you now? What are your numbers? (For example: How many clients, prospects… where are you financially. How much are you spending on marketing/advertising and what is the ROI?)

3. What do you want? (Give me an idea of what your goals are in the next 12 months and 5 years).

Email your application in PDF format to
customerservice (at) craigeubanks (dot) com

You will get a reply within 5 business days (unless I am traveling).

Thank you!

P.S. Read what others have to say about me…

Debbie Lane

Palm Harbor, FL
Wisdom Hypnosis

Dear Craig,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you have given me with marketing my practice. I am continually amazed at how well you understand the motivation to buy. When others are claiming this is a down time or a slow economy, you have reminded me that “people are people”. You have taught me how to tap into the emotions of buying.

Every time I apply another of your suggestions to my marketing, I get wonderful new results. Following up contacts and clients with mailings has increased my business tremendously.

The number of resources you have and have steered me to as well is unbelievable. So again, a great big thank you and lots of hugs for all you have done to help me.

Matt Green D.C.

Ashby Chiropractic & Health Center
Berkeley, California

My income has tripled since I started working with Craig

I was just 6 months into practice when I met Craig. I was an “artist” trying to run a business. I thought when I go into business all I need to do is be nice and respectful and I will have people flowing in the door. The truth is, I knew how to interact with people but I had no idea how to market myself.

My income has tripled since I started working with Craig. The first thing we did together was create a 10 second pitch and a 30 second pitch so that I could effectively communicate what I do to people.

Other projects that came from Craig where a marketing plan, an effective way to track how my marketing is successful, an entire system of organizing my patient database, a monthly newsletter of proven marketing techniques that work, excellent ideas for posters and postcards, a program that involves creating referrals from other like-minded professionals, a testimonial folder in my waiting room, and a FREE report on my services.

Craig has been an excellent coach. He is dependable. He has always shown up when he said he would and is ready to go, on time. He is a particularly good listener. I know he hears everything I say because he reflects back to me not only the words I say, but what he hears underneath what I am communicating. Most importantly, Craig listens without judgment. No matter how much I got done the week before, Craig is always willing to have it be ok and move on to the next week with possibility and enthusiasm.

Lance Mason

Founder & CEO
Mason Communications LLC
PickUp 101
San Francisco, CA

With Craig on-board, our revenue grew over 10X

When I first met Craig Eubanks I didn’t know the first thing about direct marketing, but I did know I wanted to reach more customers. Craig not only wrote sales letters and set up campaigns for me, he also introduced me to many high-level strategies for achieving growth.

With Craig on-board, our revenue grew over 10X in 2006 and we are now able to help out literally thousands of deserving men all over the world.

Thanks Craig!

Joe Hruban

GKIC Certified Business Advisor
Davis, CA

His advice pays for itself over and over

I can’t say enough about Craig’s ability to deliver results. It’s rare to find someone with his depth of knowledge and experience sincerely care about you and your project.

His advice pays for itself over and over. If you are fortunate to have Craig assist you in your marketing efforts you’ll be very grateful indeed.

Jonathan Altfeld

Founder & CEO
Mastery Insight Institute of NLP
Tampa, Florida

Not doing business with Craig would be a costly mistake

I’ve known Craig since 2004 and have come to appreciate him as a highly knowledgeable & effective direct response marketing consultant. While Craig’s knowledge spans many markets, he’s got his finger squarely on the pulse of how hypnosis professionals and trainers should market themselves.

Not doing business with Craig would be a costly mistake. I highly recommend hiring him if you need a marketing “mover & shaker” on your side.

Craig Garber

Copywriter & Consultant
King of Copy
Lutz, Florida

One of the great things about Craig is his
sincere desire to help his clients succeed

I’ve known Craig Eubanks for the last few years now and during this time I’ve seen him grow by leaps and bounds, both personally as a human being and professionally as a copywriter and marketing consultant.

I know of at LEAST one client Craig has worked with, that is doing well over 6 figures a month, and the lion’s share of that money is based SOLELY on Craig’s guidance, marketing ideas and strategies, and sales copy. And in spite of the fact that this client works in a VERY crowded industry, Craig has managed to position them at the top, in addition to getting them a TON of national exposure in USA Today, as well as loads of localized press coverage, which has caused them to be more well-known than almost anyone else in that industry.

Another client is this same industry is currently working with Craig, and I expect Craig to have the same impact on their business.

One of the great things about Craig is his sincere desire to help his clients succeed. In a world full of posers, Craig is a breath of fresh air. He is a giver — he gives to a fault, in fact. He TRULY wants his clients not just to succeed, but to succeed WAY beyond their wildest imaginations, and he does everything in his power to make this happen.

If you are smart, and if you are lucky enough to get a time-slot on Craig’s hectic schedule, don’t just casually accept it — JUMP on it and listen to what he has to say. It will pay off in spades for you, and you will both prosper for a long time to come.

Oh, as a side note, I’ve worked closely with Craig and I’ve been beating him up that his rates are too low, so if you suddenly see a big spike in his rates, it’s long overdue, and it’s because he’s worth it.

I’m in a great position to make character judgments and evaluate marketing skills. I myself have been an entrepreneur since 1994, and I’ve been involved in direct-response marketing for the last 7 years. I currently charge $50,000 dollars plus royalties for writing a full sales package and have a waiting list of up to 4 months long. Additionally, I run mastermind groups that meet quarterly, that entrepreneurs from around the world fly to my home town, to attend. And lastly, operating from my home office with just ONE full-time employee, we will gross close to $1 Million Dollars in revenue this year, with a 60%+ profit margin, and with a current list size of only 4,300 names.

If you have ANY questions about whether or not it makes sense to work with Craig, feel free to call my office at 813-909-2214, or e-mail my assistant at anne@kingofcopy.com, and she’ll set up a time for us to talk.

Dr. Matt Rosenstein

Founder & CEO
San Francisco Back Pain Relief Center
San Francisco, CA

 Craig has a real wealth of practical, useful experience

Craig Eubanks has been helping me with my business for the past year. Craig has a real wealth of practical, useful experience. When I was writing a newsletter, he walked me through an edit of the newsletter, and then made sure that I used the correct type of envelopes to get the maximum Return on Investment.

When looking to do Internet advertising, he really tutored me on how to create and use blogs, and what to do (and especially, what NOT to do) in the constant struggle to get and maintain a web presence.

What’s really nice in working with Craig is that you can tell that he has “been there, done that” – when he says, “No, don’t do that. That isn’t going to work” – well, you just have to listen to him, because he obviously has lived the experience.

And Craig has been very patient with – answering even the most basic questions about copywriting or blogs with clarity, grace and wit.

I really recommend working with Craig.

And if you want to know more, just call me at 415-686-9119

David Shade

Founder & CEO
David Shade Corp.
Detroit, MI

Thanks to Craig’s help, my business has doubled every year

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Craig, but I don’t want you hiring him, I want him working for me!

I met Craig in 2002. I appreciated his interest in my business and how he quickly understood it. He immediately started making suggestions for improving my business, but marketing was foriegn to me, and I was reluctant. I finally got serious in 2004. Craig pointed out the mistakes I had been making and many opportunities that I was unaware of. Every suggestion he made had a positive effect.

I can name many specific instances in which Craig has made a huge difference in my business. One method he insisted I implement, which I finally did, caused a huge spike in my business and is still having a positive effect today.

Another tactic gave me a valuable source for content creation and for communication with my prospects.

His strategies for list-building have insured continual steady dependable business and prospect conversion. This has probably been the most significant change in my business.

When I write my own ad-copy, Craig shows me the mistakes I made and what I left out. Then he rewrites it and it is very powerful. Craig showed me the mistakes I was making when releasing new products. So I let him do his thing, and yes, he was right. There are far too many things to list.

Thanks to Craig’s help, my business has doubled every year! I have thousands of loyal satisfied customers all over the world. My business is so good now that I have to contract numerous vendors. Craig has helped another friend of mine, and that businesses is also doing great. I have recommended Craig to a couple other friends, but they didn’t do it, and they are still where they used to be.

I work very hard in creating by far the very best products in my field, and Craig works hard for me to get these products to people. And I want him to keep working for me, so don’t hire him! But if you do, listen to what he says. I can tell you that his advice works. He will transform your business.

Dr. Karl Blanks

Conversion Rate Experts
Staffordshire, UK
Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant
Google Adwords Qualified Professional

What impresses me about Craig is how hard he works
to understand his clients’ prospects

Great copywriting is about (1) understanding what prospects want… then (2) making them an offer they can’t resist.

The problem is, few copywriters have the diligence to carry out Part (1), so their words fall on deaf ears.

What impresses me about Craig is how hard he works to understand his clients’ prospects. That level of research is priceless, and is what sets him apart from most of the others.

Plus, he has a deep understanding of how to use testing and tracking to scientifically improve conversion rates. Very few copywriters understand that stuff, and it’s incredibly important.

Carlos Xuma

Founder & CEO
Dating Dynamics
Oakland, CA

I can attribute thousands and thousands of dollars
of profits to Craig’s instruction

Craig’s invaluable assistance got me started on the right foot marketing my business. At a time when I needed direction and guidance, he was instrumental in creating the strategy I use today.

I can attribute thousands and thousands of dollars of profits to Craig’s instruction and innumerable ideas that I’ve used over the years.

Gene Monterastelli

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Parent Support Network

There is one strategy in particular that has been so valuable
if that was the only idea we would have gotten from Craig
it would have been worth every cent.

When I was first talking to Craig about hiring him to help us market our organization, he said “I will give you enough ideas in two hours to keep you busy for the next six months.

Right now we are at the six month mark and are about half way through all the ideas and insight he gave us. There is one strategy in particular that has been so valuable if that was the only idea we would have gotten from Craig it would have been worth every cent.


What this site is for, is to tell you how I work, the requirements I have for taking on a new client, and how you can apply to have me take you on as a client.